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Let us help you navigate the world of college admissions
in a structured and simple manner!


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Academic Advisors was started by parents and students who worked through college admissions and realized firsthand how confusing and difficult the entire process is. We realized many things, such as extra-curricular activities and class selection have to be planned at a much earlier stage.

By bringing together high school English teachers and counselors from across the country, we provide valuable insights and support to our student families. Collaborating with college admissions experts and former admissions officers allows us to help our students create the most compelling college application possible.

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Academic Advisors was inspired by parents and high school students who experienced the learning curve that is college admissions.

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With support from our experienced English teachers, high school counselors, and ex-admissions officers, our students have an unparalleled advantage.

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This cohort of experienced team members ensure our students are positioned for success.

Academic Advisors caters to students at each stage of the process

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Our Workshops help students be ahead of the curve in completing their College Applications.

Our counselors work with students to complete every section of the College Application 

including the required essay.

After the workshops, our counselors continue to work with students one on one to perfect their essay and application form.

Our workshops have proven to be incredibly successful and popular!

We have seen a renewed interest among our student families to apply to colleges in countries other than the US. We support and hand hold our students through the application process to colleges in the following countries:

If you would like to schedule a consultation with our International Education Experts, please send us a request by providing us with your email address.

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of our students have been accepted to 1 of their top 3 choices

We maintain a ratio of one counselor for every eight of our students

student retention rate from 8th or 9th grade till graduation

average financial aid when working with Academic Advisors

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Academic Advisors are true to their word – the entire college admissions process was stress-free. They supported me every step of the way and I knew I could call or email my counselor at any time with questions I had.

Jason Holmes

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