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Graduate Programs

With more students heading to Graduate degree programs at universities across the US and the other countries where we support college admissions, we have created a separate team of professionals to help with the differing needs of our students.

Many students come to us looking for guidance on the most basic of questions – is a Graduate degree worth their time and money? Statistically, graduate degree holders earn more and have lower unemployment rates. They build a world class mind and skill sets that can take them anywhere across the globe. Research also shows that PhD’s eventually earn more than their counterparts with master’s degrees.

Whether you are applying for a master’s degree program or a doctoral degree, the application requirements for a post graduate study is drastically different. Our specialized team of professionals have expertise in supporting students from various branches of study – STEM to liberal arts to students applying for advanced degrees in the social sciences, Languages or Literature.


While requirements for Graduate degree admissions differ across various countries, all universities are looking for a synergy and alignment between the student’s passion and the universities strengths and offerings. This is the challenge that the Academic Advisors team is most skilled at addressing – the ability to present our students in the specific light that will attract them to the universities they want to attend.


To our students who are applying for Graduate degree programs, we offer support in:

Identifying students' strengths and the programs that would be a great fit with their interest areas of study

Completing the Application Forms with precisely constructed information and data

One-on-one coaching to prepare our students for faculty interviews

Applying for Financial Aid

Work with student to make final decision on the university to attend

Support for travel and transition to a new country

Crafting the all-important Personal Statement – which could be the most important factor in determining acceptance at the universities that the student is interested in

Building a professional resume or curriculum vitae

Working with the student’s Professors to ensure that well developed Letters of
Recommendations are written for the student

Negotiating financial aid to get better offers

Preparation for the visa interview

Our students have gained acceptances to some of the world’s top universities including Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, NYU, University of California, Berkeley, McGill University, University of New South Wales, Imperial College London to name a few.

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