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Jay Swamy

With an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur, India's premier business school, Jay has more than thirty years of experience in the technology and education sectors. A serial entrepreneur, she has successfully started and exited many businesses. As she assisted her two sons with their college applications, Jay gained a first hand view of the complicated and stressful nature of the entire process. Having guided her older son to be accepted to Harvard University and her younger one to Cornell University, Jay wanted to share her expertise with others. Academic Advisors was born of this desire to help other students and parents navigate college admissions in a simple, organized, and stress free manner. 

Michael Schmidt

Michael brings hands-on experience in the college admissions space. Having worked in the Admissions offices at UCLA and the University of Florida, Michael knows first-hand what colleges are looking for in the students they admit. He shares this knowledge to help our students be better prepared for college admissions.


Vinitha Menon

Vinitha is our Country Head for India. With two Masters degrees in Psychology and Public Administration, she brings more than two decades of business experience to the team. Vinitha is a well established Life and Career Coach with a keen interest in helping young students become successful adults.

Tyler Smith

Tyler is our money man! Tyler draws on his experience working in the Financial Aid office at Colgate University, to help our student families understand scholarships, need-based financial aid, merit aid, and grants. He also helps parents and students look at various options on how to pay for college.


Vickie McElroy

Vickie has been passionate about helping young students excel in the English language for more than four decades. Working as an English teacher has allowed her to assist hundreds of her students to write admissions essays and personal statements that have paved their way to top choice colleges. Vickie heads our team of English teachers who work with our students to craft essays that capture their passions and interests.

Nia Whitehead

Nia organizes our Summer and Winter Workshops in partnership with Steven. A graduate of the University of Texas, she focuses on ensuring that students follow through after our workshops and are ready to submit their applications as they become available to students.


Steven Gallagher

Steven pioneered our Summer and Winter Workshops. Having recently graduated from Clemson University, he knows how seniors in high school are super busy and tend to procrastinate on their college applications. Steven designed our one-day workshops that enable seniors to work on their Common App including a draft of the Essay.

Olivia Kruger

Olivia keeps us all grounded and sane! As our office manager Olivia ensures that everything is sailing smoothly and parents and students are provided with the care and support that we promise.

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