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Our One-Day Workshops are extremely popular with students. At these workshops, our counselors work with small groups of students to help them complete their Common App. For those new to the world of college applications, the Common Application or the Common App as it’s more popularly known is a single application that is accepted by more than 700 universities. We help our students complete every section of the Common App including the all-important Essay. Our counselors will continue to work with the students one-on-one the week after the workshop to firm up the essay draft.


One of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety for high school seniors is completing the Common App and the Essay. Through our Summer Workshops, we enable our students to work on their applications over the summer break and have it ready before school reopens, ensuring that students feel prepared and in control before the academic year begins.


We also know many students are frantic in December, trying to meet the college application deadlines. Our Winter Workshops cater to these students and help them get their Essay and applications ready for submission before the due dates.

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